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'My husband likes to sleep naked and it annoys me!'

By primenewsghana
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Ours was an arranged marriage and we eventually fell deeply in love with each other and he takes care of me so I have nothing much to complain about except for one issue.

My husband likes to sleep naked and it feels weird. Not only that, it gets embarrassing in the morning when the maid comes. He sleeps as late as 10 am and when the maid is cleaning the room, I have to make sure the blanket has him covered fully.

Once it was down until his mid-riff and I wouldn’t have known because I was busy doing other house chores. My maid immediately closed the door and came out saying “Didi main kamre main nahi jaungi”. I understood and I didn’t know what to say, it was embarrassing. I have tried to explain this so many times but he brushes it off saying he can’t sleep with his clothes on. Please help, it is becoming a huge issue.

His story: I sleep naked when the AC is on because I like to use a heavy blanket. Besides that, I had a major skin condition some time ago and I was advised to sleep nude. The habit stayed and it actually helps me sleep better. I have also read several articles on the same that you should let your body breathe at night.

So what is wrong with it? She says the maid comes in the morning and my blanket is often disheveled but then why should she enter the room like that? I am unable to see the grand issue here but it seems to be becoming a problem between my wife and me. I am confused! Please help.

Love Coach, Jigyasa Uniyal: You should try to sort out the issue with your wife by talking about your medical condition to her and explaining to her your side of the story. Make sure that it is a healthy discussion and not a heated argument between the two of you. You should also understand that the maid feels awkward seeing you naked. So, either you try to get up early before the maid arrives and wear proper clothes or stop sleeping naked. You have to understand that your habit of sleeping naked is causing stress for your wife and your relationship with her is getting spoiled.

Relationship Expert, Jaanvi Mahajan: Sleeping naked is indeed a good idea if we go by studies and reports of letting our body breathe at night but in India, with a maid coming every morning, it is not advised unless you can shift to another room which you lock from inside. It is inappropriate by all means for the maid and your wife too finds it difficult when the maid tells her that it is bothering her.

If anything goes wrong, you must understand the maid can even report you for misconduct. If you genuinely have a skin issue and it has become a habit then it is best that you wake up early and move to another room which can be cleaned by you later. You have to find middle ground for it.