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Parents urged to inculcate bible reading into their children

By Mutala Yakubu
Parents urged to inculcate bible reading into their children
Parents urged to inculcate bible reading into their children
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Reverend Emmanuel Eshun, a pastor of the Living Grace Ministries International, said the foundation that a parent can lay for the child, considering the circumstances of these days, is to inculcate the word of God to the child.

“The future of the family, the church and the nation is the children, therefore, put the child in perspective, have time to teach him or her the right way to go no matter what you do or what keeps you busy,” he stated.

This, he noted was crucial because children in difficult times of their lives dwelt on the foundation given to them.

Rev. Eshun said this at the climax of a children`s week celebration at the Berlin City, the church`s headquarters in Sunyani.

He said “every child needs Jesus” and it was the parent’s duty to introduce Christ to their children.

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He said bringing up uncorrupted citizen and nationalistic leaders for the country was the responsibility of parents through the proper upbringing of the child.

Rev. Eshun said social media activities, as well as things shown on the television these days, were not good for growing children and parents needed to be extra vigilant in monitoring their children.

He charged parents to have time for their children, pay attention to them and seek to know their worries because improper child upbringing goes round and negatively affects the entire society and the nation at large.

Source: GNA