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Recipes: Have you tried the simple Ghana omelette?

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
Ghana omelette
Ghana omelette
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Egg is a very important food. It is a complete bodybuilding food as well as being rich in vital mineral substances and vitamins which are needed by the body for proper working and healthy growth.

There are many ways of cooking eggs: soft and hard-cooked eggs in their shells, poached, scrambled, fried, etc.

But today, our focus is on Ghana omelette.


Fresh eggs

1 small size onion

2 small-sized tomatoes

2 tablespoonful cooking oil



(Other vegetables)


*Slice your onions and tomatoes

*Fry the onion and tomatoes with two tablespoonfuls of cooking oil. Season to taste.

*Beat the eggs, pour it over the vegetables

*Cook until the egg sets underneath

*Turn and fry the other side

Food is ready!

Best served with seasoned/sticky rice