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These are 7 things you should never post on social media about your wedding

By Mutala Yakubu
These are 7 things you should never post on social media about your wedding
These are 7 things you should never post on social media about your wedding
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Weddings are times families unite, friends become family and love spread in the air.

With the rise of technology young men and women are eager to post information about their wedding on social media platforms.

In this age of the Internet, our life seems incomplete if we do not share our achievements and milestones on social media. From relationship status to birthday celebrations, it’s all out there on the virtual world. And weddings being one of the most important celebrations of life, how can we not use these platforms to share our happiness with the world? However, not everything about a wedding should be made available for public consumption. Here’s a list of things you should avoid sharing on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform.

Here are 7 information you should not put out concerning your wedding.

1. Stop flaunting it as a social status

There is something about Big Fat Indian weddings which is both admirable and embarrassing at the same time. While people are dying of hunger, a few hundred are busy flaunting how much they can spend on a wedding. You do not want to be a part of this right? You might get a wedding ring from the Tiffany’s or a Sabyasachi wedding lehenga, but refrain from flaunting it on social media.

2. Family drama

No wedding is complete without a healthy dose of family drama. The aunt who found the food inedible or the uncle who was so drunk that he forgot he had a wife—weddings are as much about other people as it’s about the new couple. You might be tempted to share on social media about the family drama surrounding the wedding, but trust us, it will do more harm than good. Remember, anything you post about a person, even if it’s in good humour, will continue to affect his or her life long after the wedding is over. So, be a little sensitive about the things you want to post.

3. Countdown to the D-Day

“The countdown begins. Just 7 more days”…Unless you are a big celebrity, no one wants a countdown to your wedding. Your friends and family already know about the date and day. If the countdown matters to you, keep it to yourself instead of announcing it to the whole world. It can be very annoying for the people in your friend list to get a daily feed about your wedding.

4. Details about the venue, menu and others

Unless you want some uninvited guests to gate-crash your wedding, it’s not a good idea to share too many details about the event, including the venue. Certain things like the menu, guest lists, etc. are best kept under wraps and away from public scrutiny.

5. Sharing details about your new family before the wedding

You might be in very good terms with your would-be-in-laws, but that does not mean you would share posts about shopping trips or the dinner parties you had with them. They might not be comfortable with the idea of being a part of your social media world. And most importantly, you should not flaunt your new friends and relatives unless the relationship becomes official.

6. Making your e-invite public on social media

A lot of people create e-invites on social media and make it public, thereby making it possible for everyone to get a glimpse of the guest list. While there are many advantages of having an e-invite, but putting it up on social media platforms runs the risk of earning the displeasure of people you missed inviting. And you don’t want to offend anyone before a wedding, right?

7. Your honeymoon plans

Certain things are better left unsaid and your honeymoon plan definitely is one such thing. Trust us, no one is interested in knowing whether you would be spending your post-wedding days at a palace in Udaipur or at a resort in the Fiji Islands. Although you might be tempted to share your honeymoon pictures on social media but won’t those moments more precious if they are kept away from the public’s eyes? pictures on social media but won’t those moments be more precious if they are kept away from the public’s eyes?