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What is your take on sex before marriage? Here are 8 pros and cons

By PrimeNewsGhana
What is your take on sex before marriage?
What is your take on sex before marriage?
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Sex before marriage is a debatable topic. Some do not care but there are many who feel it is right to wait as it can ruin their relationship.

Here are some pros and cons of having sex before marriage which may offer you some clarity.

Pros of having sex before marriage

Sexual experience

It's always good to know how and what you like in bed. Having sex with your partner before marriage helps you open up and you do not feel lost. This also helps in building confidence.

Sexual compatibility

Many people feel that it is important to check their sexual compatibility before getting married. Post marriage you are stuck with one person and if the sex is not good, you have no option but to be stuck in that relationship.

Sexual problems

Some men cannot last long but they do not know it until they have tried. Sex before marriage helps you recognise sexual problems, which may help you to work on it or seek help.

Stress levels

Sex is one very good option for releasing stress. Many find that premarital sex helps in managing the stress that arises from arguments in relationships.

Cons of having sex before marriage


In many scenarios, men or even women tend to lose interest after having sex. They become comfortable to the point that nothing new is left to explore after marriage.


No contraceptive is 100% safe. There is always a chance that you can get pregnant and that means chaos in your life.


If you have multiple partners then a major disadvantage is that you can have sexually transmitted diseases. This can be a very scary scenario.

The guilt

Many people tend to regret having sex with someone before marriage. It could be due to the emotional investment or your strong beliefs. Some people do see it as a sin if they belong to a conservative household.