Bugri Naabu attacked by NPP supporters - Aide

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), Northern Regional chairman Daniel Bugri Naabu, has been attacked in his residence by some youth alleged to be members of the party.

According to his aide, Shirad SK, who was narrating the incident to Accra FM, he said the attacked occurred at night on Monday, December 19, 2016.

He alleged that the attack was orchestrated by one Alhaji Aminu, who incited the youth to undertake such an act.

According to him, Alhaji Aminu, who was conducting an interview for recruitment of some youth into the security services, was questioned by Mr Naabu on such act because the president-elect had no knowledge of such action.

But a furious Alhaji Aminu told the youth the regional chairman did not want them to be employed, hence they should launch an attack on him.

“It was around 11 o’clock when my boss called me that he was under attack, but by the time I got there security officers had taken over the residence. When I went to the house, I met party faithful including the biggest financier in the Northern Region, Alhaji Diou Kadri. The youth threatened to kill Bugri Naabu and tear him into pieces but all these happened because they were misinformed and misled by one Alhaji .”

He stated that “there was a press statement that circulated that Alhaji Aminu was conducting interviews and giving appointments to the youth without the notice of the president-elect, but the constitution of Ghana mandates only the president-elect to appoint and disappoint anybody in any particular position.

“Chairman Bugri Naabu met the man I am talking about and questioned him on why he should be giving appointments, and the man went and told the youth that they should come and attack Chairman Bugri Naabu.” He added.