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If Kalyppo juice is bad why set up Komenda Sugar Factory? – Nana Addo

By Michael Eli Dokosi
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Contender for the presidential seat, Nana Addo has hit back at Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah who admonished the elderly not to allow their sweet tooth to lead them into consuming sugary beverages stressing grown-ups who consume the Kalyppo beverage were sure to get ‘Kalyppolities.’

But Nana Addo, whose picture emerged sipping the Kalyppo juice went viral with varied memes has warned such unguarded talk and orientation collapsed many local industries under the NDC’s watch.

“I have heard one of Mahama’s appointees saying that Ghanaians should no longer consume Kalyppo because it contains sugar. So after destroying Ghanaian businesses with their bad policies, they are now campaigning actively to make sure that no one patronizes made-in-Ghana products? Is this how they plan to transform Ghana? Ghanaians should not pay any serious attention to such loose-talk from officials of the Mahama government who know their time is up.

“If, indeed, sugar was bad, why set up the Komenda sugar factory, a factory they have made so much noise about and yet cannot even get it to work? This propaganda will not work.” Nana Akufo-Addo thundered.