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If Nana Addo tries anything funny to destabilize the state, he shall be jailed – Koku Anyidoho

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“Just because one man wants to be president, Ghana should burn if he doesn’t get what he wants, he should make a move and see what will happen to him, Nana Addo will find himself in the cells if he tries anything funny…we are keeping a close eye on him,” says Koku Anyidoho.


This was a direct message to NPP’s flagbearer who had over the weekend said if he was violent he would have caused Ghana to burn after the 2012 election result. Nana Addo who was addressing party faithfuls in Kumawu during the Easter holidays.

According to Mr Anyidoho, NDC’s Deputy General Secretary, Nana Addo is building a “war machine” with the aim of plunging the country into war when he loses the 2016 elections. He told Accra based Rainbow Radio in a telephone interview on Tuesday morning that NPP’s flagbearer knows the reality and is struggling to accept what is awaiting him, hence the decision to import mercenaries to cause mayhem.

Mr. Anyidoho who spoke on several other radio stations accused Nana Addo of trying to cover up after he had been exposed. He claimed the NPP and Nana Akufo Addo’s agenda is to create fear by throwing bombs and blame it on the two GTMO detainees in Ghana to make government and the ruling party unpopular.

“Nana Addo cannot dissociate himself from NPP-sponsored violence because he belongs to a party that has a history of violence, but thank God he and his NPP have been exposed”, Koku Anyidoho told Adom Fm on the breakfast show.

“If Today Akufo Addo is importing mercenaries in connection and conjunction with the Danquah Institute and Capt. Koda, who doesn’t know Capt Koda and his attempted coup, broke jail, went into exile, came back when amnesty was granted, why won’t I be careful and alarmed?” Mr Anyidoho asked.

He further said the NPP leader plans to establish a militia but said any negative agenda will be foiled.

The NPP has admitted it invited the suspects but their leader Ahmed Shaik HAZIS in a rather contradictory statement says he personally brought in the other two.

During interrogation, Captain Kwesi Acquah, owner of the Delta Force Security company also denied claims that he invited the South Africans. He told the BNI that Head of Nana Akufo-Addo’s security, Captain (rtd) Edmund Kojo Koda, just requested to use his facility

The trio have since been deported to South Africa after languishing in the cells of the BNI for the past one week.