Inusah Fuseini apologises for placing spy device in office

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

Former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Inusah Fuseini has rendered an unqualified apology to his successors for failing to inform them about an audio-visual spying device he placed at the minister's office during his tenure.

Inusah Fuseini said the presence of the device, uncovered by  National Security sweep of the office, was not for any bad intention but rather it was installed as a personal security measure. He, however, says the installation was never completed and the device is not functional.

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In an interview with JoyFM, Mr. Fuseini said there is no cause for alarm as the device was a white elephant and has not recorded anything. "I am also ready to assist the National Security in any way they will need my information," he added

A former minister of lands and natural resources, Nii Osah Mills, has said even if the device was not working, the Tamale Central MP should have informed them about it, " I feel now i was naked in that office".

National Security Investigations are ongoing to determine whether the device has transmitted any information outside the office premises.