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Some of your so-called intellectuals are dumb - Rawlings

Former President JJ Rawlings
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Former President Jerry John Rawlings has described some intellectuals as dumb.

Speaking to the Association of Cuban Trained Ghanaian Professionals at his residence on Tuesday, he said, “Some of your so-called intellectual creatures are dumb".

The founder of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) felt those who are supposed to lead the country have failed the people, making his time far better than administrations which came after him.

“We did everything possible to lift up this country and that’s why people kept wishing we were back. But as soon as we handed over, the guy turned the wheels 180 degrees. Some of the most outrageous things were happening. I remember trying to tell [John] Mills and giving him details about some of the issues, but it surprised me though that for a brilliant man like him, he couldn’t see. He was so shallow.

“Crime perpetuates itself if you don’t deal with it, and how Mills couldn’t see through this is something I couldn’t understand.

“But our brother Mills had been so badly persuaded. As he put it to me, he had been advised to let things be and the money will flow. Mills was disappointing,” Rawlings claimed, according to starrfmonline.