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AFCON 2019: Cameroon escapes CAF fine

By Michael Duah
AFCON 2019: Cameroon escapes CAF fine
AFCON 2019: Cameroon escapes CAF fine

CAF will not punish Cameroon despite their failure not to meet the requirements to host the AFCON 2019 in good time, a situation that led the African Football authority to strip off the country the hosting rights of the tournament.

 In 2015, Morocco was fined $1 million by the CAF and ultimately had to pay up to $10 million to host the tournament because of fears over Ebola. Morocco was also banned from the next two tournaments in 2017 and 2019, Africa’s football body announced.

In addition to the fine, CAF also demanded around $9 million in compensation from the North African nation for backing out of the hosting agreement.

CAF President Ahmad Ahmed, however, clarified Cameroon will not face such strict sanctions and fines. 

"We have to be positive, the rules were made by the executive committee, if the executive committee decides to change the rules, it is in their own right. By taking into account Cameroon, how can we let Cameroon down, and punish them with all the investments they put in?" Ahmed said when quizzed by the Press, 

"As responsible leaders, we cannot do that. We all know that it is not evident for an African Country to invest so much in infrastructures. It is like assassinating the youth of Cameroon, the youth of Africa. They will be the ones to benefit and take advantage of it." He added. 

Egypt and South Africa have emerged as front-runners to host the tournament next year. 

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