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Join the free virtual Africa Digital Skills Conference, 2020

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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The Africa Digital Skills Conference (ADSC2020) is a three-day virtual conference organized by Mobile Web Ghana and its partners to provide students, entrepreneurs, institutions and the youth at large in Ghana and Africa with an opportunity to teach and learn basic digital skills and new technologies.

The conference is scheduled to take place from 10th to 12th November 2020 and it is fully virtual

The conference is aimed at promoting teaching and learning of digital skills across Africa and will also help develop a common vision on the needed digital skills, challenges faced by people in the field and ways to overcome them.

The conference will create a critical mass of individuals and organisations with foundational digital skills required to bridge the skills gap in the country. Also, it will create a platform for digital skills network and connections as well as building a solid digital foundation for Africa's economies

International Finance Corporation’s report shows that over nine million jobs in Ghana will require digital skills by 2030, translating to about 20 million training opportunities according to checks by the Ghana News Agency. The revenue opportunity size across Sub-Saharan Africa in digital skilling is also $130 billion through 2030 while the opportunity in Ghana alone represents nearly $4 billion in revenue potential through the same year.

There is also a strong demand for digital skills in Ghana and Africa from industries and economies across the continent as technology has levelled the playing field and thus the need to create avenues for knowledge sharing, acquisition and digital empowerment.

This demand for digital skills is driven by latent economic growth as well as the digitization and automation of the financial, agricultural, manufacturing and services industries.

In the light of this, the conference will focus on digital skills such as mastering the use of Word processing software, Spreadsheets (MS. Excel) , Email Management, Creating and Managing Social Media Profiles, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Brand Development Strategies, Data Analysis and Visualization for Reporting, Photography and Videography, Introduction to Open Data, Geospatial technologies, Introduction to Coding/programming, and App development, etc.

The conference promises to be an avenue for knowledge seekers and experts to interact and learn from each other and explore ways in which digital skills can be leveraged to help boost African economies.

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