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Man With 1,400 Bags Of Heroin In His Rectum Busted By Dog

By Jeffrey Owusu-Mensah
Fernando Estrella
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A 41-year-old from Bronx was Tuesday busted in Vermont with over 1,400 bags worth of heroin inside him, cops have said, according to nydailynews.

Fernando Estrella was hiding three condoms filled with the drug inside his body when state troopers pulled him over on North Elm St. in St. Albans at around 1 a.m. for speeding his gray Chevy minivan through a stop sign, said Sgt. John Helfant of the Vermont State Police.

A drug-detecting dog then alerted police to Estrella’s car seat. Cops found a heroin needle and cooking cap in the car, but recovered no drugs.

Cops detained Estrella and took him to a local hospital, where cops executed a warrant for a body cavity search.

They eventually removed the three heroin-filled condoms, which equal 1,428 bags for sale, from his rectum, Helfant said.

Estrella, had brought the drugs from New York City to be sold in the area, he said.

He was charged with felony heroin possession, heroin trafficking, and heroin importation. He had also violated the terms of his release on a Nov. 2015 cocaine bust, officials said.