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Egypt's organ traders offering migrants $100,000 & prostitutes for kidneys

By Michael Eli Dokosi
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It’s emerged Egyptian organ traders are tempting migrants including Ghanaians to sell their kidneys for $100,000 by offering them prostitutes, a report reveals.

A report in the British Journal of Criminology says pimps use 'the services of sex workers as leverage when negotiating fees with both sellers and buyers.'

The underground brokers are targeting undocumented African migrants who arrive in Cairo desperate for cash to pay people smugglers.

They offer sex workers as a 'sweetener' before or after the removing the migrants' organs hospitals use the donated organs for transplants.

Organ purchase is banned in Egypt, though the country is a common destination for transplant tourism, along with India, Pakistan and Russia, according to separate research by Erasmus MC University Hospital Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

In July it was reported that African migrants were being killed for their organs in Egypt - a common transit country for migrants - if they could not afford to pay off their people smugglers.