British Prime Minister battles with voice on stage

By Sam Edem
Prime Minister May
Prime Minister May

Theresa May had to battle losing her voice and being interrupted on stage by a comedian as she sought to reassert her Conservative leadership.

Mrs May, who at one point was handed a throat sweet by the chancellor, did make it to the end of a speech in which she vowed to "renew the British dream".

She announced plans for more council houses and a cap on energy prices.

But they were overshadowed by the problems she had delivering the set-piece speech in Manchester.

But she struggled to finish the speech because of a croaky voice, having to stop several times to drink water.

Sources close to the prime minister have said that the PM had caught the "conference cold", and that her many interviews and meetings this week have taken their toll on her voice.

They say the prankster who interrupted her speech has been arrested for a breach of the peace and there will be a thorough investigation of security.