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Easing of Covid-19 restrictions: More foreign businesses ready to invest in Ghana -GIPC

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Yoofi Grant
Yoofi Grant
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The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, GIPC is reporting a surge in foreign firms wanting to do business in the country.

 This follows the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions as a result of a significant reduction in active cases in the country.

 The country's active cases are now 507.

The Chief Executive of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Mr Yoofi Grant said the surge in requests by foreign businesses indicates that Ghana has definitely done something right in the fight against Covid-19.

He said most of the foreign businesses are only waiting to be given the go-ahead to come and invest in the country.

"There is an agreement that Ghana definitely has done something right in this Covid-19 era and the numbers we are showing are encouraging compared to other more developed economies."

Yoofi Grant added that measures are being put in place to create the enabling environment for the said businesses to thrive in the country.

"So very often when I speak to the investors the first thing they ask is how is Covid-19... and you guys seem to be doing okay so is it okay for me to come and we have already instituted measures at the airport to sort of have another layer so we are still doing the right things. We have tested and treated that will slow down any further imported infections."

"So for a lot of the business people are speak to they are all waiting with excitement when they can come in."

He has also urged all to continue to adhere to the safety protocols.