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Quick ways to save money for a happy Valentine’s Day celebration

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Valentine's Day celebration

It’s a great deal for most lovers when Valentine’s Day is approaching, the headache is how to make the Valentine’s Day celebration a memorable one for their partners.

But the simple way to deal with the ones a year love celebration is to save money for your intended surprise for your partner.

Saving money is a challenging endeavour but with these quick ways I will outline for you, your Valentine’s Day celebration will rest assured be one of the best celebrations for you, as you will have enough to spend on this memorable love occasion.

1. Cut down on unplanned expenses

One of the things that drain the pocket of workers is the purchasing of unplanned products, a well-planned day in terms of expenses helped saved a lot of money for future use like Valentine’s Day, for which one will want to prove love beyond reasonable doubt to your partner.

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Most people often buy things they do not need, which they later see as a waste of money, but carefully planning your needs according to your scale of preference deter you from buying or spending unnecessarily to be able to plan a more suitable and lovely Valentine’s Day Celebration.

2. Cook in the house rather than always buying from restaurants

You can easily save money if you always cook your meals in the house rather than buying from restaurants every day. Quick advice, you are likely to spend not less than 10 Ghana Cedis if you want to eat good food in a city like Accra, but with just about 20 Ghana Cedis you can prepare rice and stew which can last you for three times of the day that you will want to eat. This will go a long way to help you save for the ones in a year Valentine’s Day celebration.

3. Always buy the most affordable products

Buying expensive products without thinking, its effect on your pocket is a problem you will not notice early but when you run out of cash. Always haggle for the best buying price on the market than just giving in for the initial selling price which may be of abnormal profit margin.

Doing this gives you leverage over people who may buy a pair of shoe at 100 Ghana Cedis which the actual price may be 50 Ghana Cedis. You will save a lot of money if you inculcate the habit of always bargaining for the best price on the market and your Valentine’s Day celebration would not be a headache for you.

4. Sell your old stuff to bring you extra cash

Taking advantage of the various online platforms in Ghana can help you earn extra cash for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Some cooking utensils and furniture among other things in your house that you do not use any more can be polished and sold on Tonaton and OLX, they are lot customers in need of some home appliances and you can make money from it, this will add to your money saving credentials.

5. A discipline money saving habit

For salary worker, to be able to be disciplined in your money saving efforts, you can set an automatic bank deduction system that will deduct your saving allocation from your salary immediately you’ve been paid. You can also use the Susu box at home that you will every day tasked yourself to deposit a specified amount in it. It will surprise you the amount of money you will save that can contribute to the planning of a well-organized Valentine’s Day celebration

With all these, you will surely be the best lover your partner will ever wish for because you will not be left out of the Valentine’s Day celebration every year, not having money is no excuse for not showing your partner you appreciate and cherish them.