SIC Life savings and loans wins international award

By Kwabena Owusu-Ampratwum

SIC Life Savings and Loans has won the Business Initiatives Direction (BID) International Arch of Europe Award for demonstrating commitment to quality service delivery and innovation.

The award comprising ninety members from countries globally was established to recognise the contributions of organisations with proven commitment to quality and continuous quest for excellence towards customers, through attention to products and services.

The core criteria to merit this prestigious award are based on customer satisfaction, innovation, quality, business excellence, profitability, among others.

Managing Director of SIC Life savings and loans Richard Appietu, said the Award was very significant as it would serve as a standard to measure the performance of the institution and the impact it had created on the growth of the country’s economy and globally.

The Company, a subsidiary of SIC Life has clocked a healthy growth within a short time of operation by offering profitable financial solutions and innovative products designed to meet the growing demands in the sector. It is currently one of the fastest growing financial institution in the country.

According to him, the organization has over the year’s recorded considerable growth with a focus on offering the best customer service and leadership practices, consistency in profit generation, backed by the quality of its brand.

“Within a four year period, we have been able to move the company from a loss making one to a profit oriented institution, with consistent dividend, the total assert of the company as at the year 2013 was 8.1, now it has  increased to over 200 hundred million cedis” he noted.

Mr Appietu said the organization is solidly backed by 400 dedication and highly experienced staff that has helped to make the company the most sought after within the savings and loans sector.

He mentioned that “SIC Life Savings and Loans is doing a lot of informal sector education to help the public to trust the industry again and to make them understand that the best way to become financially independent is to cultivate and master the habit of saving.”

He advised the public to thoroughly check the institutions they intended to transact business with to ensure their capital are secured.