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50 Cent plans to make TV series on Hushpuppi

By Vincent Ashitey
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Top American rapper 50 Cent has announced that he is making a TV series about the life of notorious jailed Nigerian fraudster and Instagram influencer Hushpuppi.

It has sparked a debate online with some supporting the idea, but others opposing it, saying it makes Nigerians look bad.

Posting on his Instagram page, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, said he had to do it: "For my scammers I gotta do this one, Hushpuppy series coming soon !"

The rapper has a history of producing TV shows, including the drama series Power, which first starting airing in 2014.

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Hushpuppi, whose real name is Ramon Abbas, is currently serving 11 years in a US jail for his role in an international fraud syndicate.

He was also famous on Instagram where he used to flaunt his vast wealth to his 2.8 million followers, until he was arrested in Dubai in 2020, and his account shut down.

On Twitter some people are showing real excitement: "Can't wait to see what 50 will give us on this!" one person said.

Another said 50 Cent should "beat Nollywood to it".

However, others have expressed discomfort, with one tweeter saying: "Why not look around you and do a series on something that speaks positively about us Nigerians, as there's so many around you and all over the world".