'My ring is not occult' - Sonnie Badu reveals

By Michael Klugey
“Change your African mentality, my ring is not occult” - Sonnie Badu
“Change your African mentality, my ring is not occult” - Sonnie Badu

London based Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu has finally replied critics saying the ring he usually wears is for occultic purposes. 

The Rock Hill Church pastor during a live interaction on his social media page noted that it’s an African mentality to say that the special ring he wears is for occult purposes.

He remarked that the ring is made of Gold, Diamond, and Emerald and that he spent a lot of money to get it done.

However, he said that the common African and Blackman is meant to think that once you put on a ring, it means it connotes occultic usage of it.

Sonnie Badu added that the African man has been programmed to believe that he cannot do anything on his own except of course he/she has a special power somewhere.


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"There's no power in a ring, work hard and God will make you, the black man mentality have made you think my ring is occult and that's the problem with Africans," he said.

Sonnie called on his followers to change their black mentality and have a more positive perspective concerning things in general.

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