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How can I ransack my own home, Afia is a 'percher' - Ex Guy

Godson Boakye
Godson Boakye
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Godson Boakye who acknowledged he had a 'brief affair' with media personality Afia Schwarzenegger, contends he did not ransack the house the radio and TV lady resides in as claimed.

Mr. Boakye has offered a statement through ghanaweb to set the record straight:

Afia is not giving you the full story, but rather seeking attention and making false allegations. I am the owner of that property and Afia has been squatting in that property for the past three years.

She used to live in Tantra Hill and she was threatened to be evicted with a notice from the court which I can provide you with that document as a proof to back what I am saying. Afia then asked me to help her find a place until she gathers some money to rent an apartment on her own.

In order to avoid any embarrassment of her items being thrown out, I offered to help her live in my house for two months to look for a place. It is now three years and she's refusing to vacate the property which she's squatting and refusing to pay rent.

Last Friday, relatives went there to ask her to vacate the property, which the situation got out of hands and police intervened on her behalf and asked them to come on an appropriate time to effect the eviction.

She is however now trying to implicate the story to make it look like it’s her house and she was attacked under the auspices of the police.

There was a brief affair between the two of us, however, her claim now is that she is married to me and therefore the whole process is in court, which is never true, rather, it is a process of praying to the court to evict her, which the court process had already been discontinued.

I am willing to give you documentations and any evidence you may require to this process. In the mean time, may I please remind you that I am not her husband and neither are we related, or we ransacked our own property neither did the police backed anyone to conduct anything unlawfully and therefore the allegations are false.


Godson Boakye