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I don’t regret my past — Hajia4Real

By Mutala Yakubu
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Socialite, Hajia4Real real name Mona Faiz Montrage may have had her own share of bad press and controversies because of her lifestyle and the pictures she posts on social media but the C.E.O of LVC Entertainment says she has no regret of her past.

“I have no regrets in life at all. When I look back at who I was before and the woman I have transformed to become, I will say that, whatever I did or whatever life I lived in the past have contributed to who I am today.

“There is no need to feel bad for it. In life, everything you go through is a lesson. There are mistakes I may have made in the past, but I think they had to happen so that I learn from them,” she said speaking to Showbiz.

Born and bred in the Northern regional capital, Tamale, Hajia4Real says the decision not to allow her past bother her is the brain behind her new catchphrase ‘It’s all about 4real Beauty now’.

“Currently, it is all about my business, the cosmetic line, 4real Beauty. That is what is important to me now. Ever since the range hit the market, the response has been overwhelming and that is my inspiration. To do more and more. My past is my past” she said.

Hajia4Real who has a one-year-old daughter, Nalia, has ever said she would want her daughter to grow up to be proud of her as a mother and not one that attracts unnecessary criticisms.

Asked how she will in future handle the situation where her daughter confronts her with her past and other negative archive news on the Internet, she said “I am not sure she will even ask, the reason is that I am working on being open with my daughter that she wouldn’t even want to know anything. She will know with time that not everything on the Internet is true.”

In a response to how she is able to juggle motherhood, business and school, Hajia4Real, a fashion student at the Arts Institute of New York said, “I give credit to my mom, she has been very supportive and when it comes to my daughter, she takes care of her when I am away. She is a great mother. That has been my source of strength.”

Though she is a fashion lover and is currently working on becoming a big brand someday, she has no plans of forcing her daughter to follow in her steps.

“No, I won’t force my daughter to take after me. She is free to do what she wants to do. I will not ask her to be like me. She has the free will to be whoever she wants to do.

“But I will advise her not to listen what people say, she should be herself and do what she thinks will be best for her.” She said.

Although the birth of her first child might have given her a deeper understanding of life and deepened her love for children, the mother of one has no plans on having more children anytime soon.

“Nalia is a year old now. I love kids and I would love to have more but that would have to wait for a while. I have school to complete and my business to grow so child birth is on hold for now.

“The reception since I ventured into the beauty product business has been overwhelming. There is the need to grow the 4real Beauty range which includes lipsticks, nail extensions and eyelashes. So far, my products are doing well on the market and this wouldn’t have been possible if people had not rallied and continue to rally behind me. I want to thank them all,” she said.