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I get heartbroken when I think about royalty collection, distribution in Ghana – Akesse Brempong

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
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Gospel recording artiste Phil Evans Akesse-Brempong aka Akesse Brempong has described, how distressing it is for him whenever he thinks about Ghana’s royalty collection and distribution systems for musicians.

According to him, Ghana is far behind in royalty collection for musicians.

Speaking on Class FM, Akesse Brempong recounted how he has been receiving royalties from South Africans for airing his songs but he bemoaned that same cannot be said about Ghana.

He extended his worries to Ghana Music Rights Organization, GHAMRO, he believes that a lot of work needs to be done so the royalty system can function again.

 “When I think about the royalty collection and distribution systems in Ghana, I get heartbroken. I get heartbroken in the sense that the institution, the body, GHAMRO, has been in existence for a long time but it appears that systems-wise, we’re way behind so much so that we cannot even have locks, a system to monitor.

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 “A few weeks back, I got a call from GHAMRO saying that some royalties due me from South Africa have come to them. South Africa sent my royalties to GHAMRO, so my royalties due to me were sent to me through GHAMRO. Then I go to GHAMRO to do the needful. I got there and asked them, ‘so South Africa is sending me royalty and my country, the country I live in, I have not received royalties for seven years?’ So, you can imagine” he narrated.

He went on to say that the poor system of royalties in Ghana is the cause of many artiste investing in systems outside Ghana.

 “That's why the last time they were lambasting Wiyaala for not doing certain things, and what did she say? She doesn't care because the systems here don't help us. If systems are put together, the musicians will be better off, the musician will invest in himself, the industry will grow, so, let's invest in systems that will help the music industry grow” he added.

He also mentioned that it saddens him whenever he hears of veteran musicians who battle with serious health conditions seeking funds on television and radio.