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MOG Music opens up on his suicide attempt

By primenewsghana
MOG Music
MOG Music
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Gospel musician MOG Music has disclosed he contemplated suicide after unsuccessful attempts to secure his life and family.

In an interview on Delay Show, MOG Music said his fame, as well as his position as a Man of God did not save him from feeling empty.

At that time, he said he had lost all his close friends and it felt as though his life was falling apart and his business was beginning to retrogress.

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To make matters worse, MOG’s wife was one of the many persons who were laid off during a bank sector reform.

“My wife lost her job, she was working with a bank and it was around that time the banks issue was happening. Certain source of income had closed and as a man I had to restructure the whole family system. I just had too much on my plate and I felt the hand of God had left my life because my prayers were not being answered,” he said.

While making plans to end it all, he said he chanced upon a post of a Canadian-based Ghanaian pastor having a live stream of his service, and that was where he had his miracle.

“I joined the pastor’s Zoom with a different name and no image so no one knew I was the one. Getting to the end of the service, the pastor gave a prophecy of a musician who is going through tough times.

“He said God said my covenant with him is binding and I should wait He will announce me to the nations of the world.”

Upon hearing the prophecy, MOG Music said he fell down flat and cried, since that was the sure words he needed to hear to reposition his life.