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Shatta Wale insults YFM DJs for playing ‘Wack’ song on radio

By Michael Klugey
Shatta Wale_YFM_DJs
Shatta Wale insults YFM DJs for playing ‘Wack’ song on radio

Dancehall act, Shatta Wale has hit hard at YFM DJ for playing what he describes as ‘foolish’ songs on the radio. 

Shatta Wale in a video cruising with his baby mama listening radio and the DJ drop a song which caught his attention and it's obvious the Shatta didn't like the song.

The ‘Gringo’ hitmaker decided to tune in to listen to some quality music this morning and instead of hearing quality music on the radio, all he hears is some noise and foolish songs.

In the video, Shatta was heard going hard on the presenters of YFM who plays songs that don't have any impact on the youth.

Shatta Wale disclosed how people bash him for some of the songs he does and also threatens to beat up these YFM presenters and DJs soon.

Shatta Wale at the tail end of the video hilariously stated that these songs they are playing will bring mosquitoes from Brazil to Ghana when the government is seriously trying to eradicate malaria. He also adds that such songs will probably make the fight against AIDS a problem for the commission.

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