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The top Ghanaian songs of 2015

By Frank Yeboah
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Answering this question is exciting and yet, never accurate.  There are the obvious danceables, and once this town thrives on danceables.

But there are also the notorious:  those songs which elude you till after you have made your list, and then the ones you are reluctant to include because to you, they haven't merited enough to be ranked at the top.

And then there are your personal favourites. These are songs which are on your lips when you wake up, and/ or songs you wish could replace the songs you sing during offertory time at a church revival. But your favourites are your favourites. The interaction your ears have with a song are definitely dissimilar to what happens with other people. It is ungodly to impose your favourites on everyone else. It is impossible, and a civil war could break out. When my favourite collides with your favourites though, we can have the happiest beer conversations. Let's see...

The International Fisherman, Associate Fishermen.
Gasmilla has this year. I heard somewhere that Telemɔ  might fall short of a Ghana Music Award laurel because it might have been released outside the year under review. That is a different issue. Fact is, this year, He has made an impact which simply can't be ignored. For most of this year, it is what we have chanted to. Indeed, he's the reason we even know a certain Atom, for Atom's " Yɛ Wɔ Krom" was sang over the "Telemɔ" instrumentation, which we already knew and liked, so it was easy for us to accept and like too.

Wisa Greid, with Ekiiki Mi, has set a bar you can't look at without bending your neck backwards. I have already spoken extensively about it in my review of the song; it's live, it's energetic, it's meets a particular need in our bones and is a serious contender for anything serious than mere nominations.

The fisherman rhythm has also drawn our attention to greenhorn like Nii Funny, for instance. With his "Broken Heart " well as whoever sang the " Bra OT" song.

Bisa KDei  
This year has been the fisherman's year, but it has been a highlife year too...specifically Bisa KDei's. I've mentioned elsewhere that others doing highlife this year might be deficient in their attempt to rub shoulders with Bisa, at least for this year. Two songs; Mansa, which is irresistible, and Brother Brother, which is not only good for Christmas but for Easter too, were enough to stifle competition from even Bisa's mentors.  

He (Bisa) has held the fort for the genre; he not only gave us impressive songs, but contributed his quota in the area of scandal know, the gymnastics surrounding the definition of his relationship with Becca and all. Are they an item already or yet? Honestly, I do believe it's more important to focus on the music...the other aspect is personal, no matter how apt it would be for tabloids.