VIDEO: Counsellor Lutterodt gives tips on how to become a professional 'Ashawo'

By Michael Klugey
Counselor Lutterodt gives tips on how to become proffesional 'Ashawo'
Counselor Lutterodt gives tips on how to become proffesional 'Ashawo'

Counsellor George Lutterodt in a recent interview on Accra FM took time to give tips for women who have plans to sell their bodies and those who are already selling it, on how they can do that to earn a living. 

Speaking with Nana Romeo, as a first tip he said that 'Ashawo' ladies should take their makeup very serious to enhance their beauty and especially ladies who are very ugly, it is a total necessity they do so.

Counsellor Lutterodt stated that 'Ashawo'Ladies should also ensure that they get wigs which are not common on the market and also the one that will change their appearance to save them from embarrassment in the next morning.

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The controversial counsellor in his closing remarks disclosed that he really respects such ladies and also described ‘ashawos’ as the most fearless people in the world.

According to him, if a lady decides to stand at a very dangerous location and wait for a man, all they care about is for someone to come and pick them up for the night and nothing else.

Watch the hilarious video below:


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