Video: I knew Menzgold was fake - Prince David Osei

By Michael Klugey
Video: I knew Menzgold was fake - Prince David Osei
Video: I knew Menzgold was fake - Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei has disclosed that he is not a fool to invest in Menzgold and he knew from the onset that the gold dealership firm was fake. 

According to the actor, he knew that Menzgold was fake because of the outrageous profits customers were getting.

Prince David Osei in a studio discussion with Da Don on AsempaFM's 'Zoblazo revealed that he tried stopping some of his friends from investing at Menzgold but to no avail.

When asked why he didn't invest in the gold dealership firm, Prince quickly replies and said: " Am I stupid, why will I do that, guy man can't rob guy man because we are all snippers" he said.

“Yes I tried stopping some of my friends but most of them thought I was jealous. I know some friends in London, some had like ₵200,000 in there. Some had more. It’s only a miracle that will make them get the money back. There is no investment that would give you that profit. There is no business that runs like that. Bonds even take time to mature. From the word go it was wrong. There was so much display about riches.” He told Da Don.

Talking about celebrities who endorsed Nana Appiah Mensah’s Menzgold Prince said he only sees it as “purely business” except “people who have morals” might have refused that.


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