VIDEO: Lydia Forson inspired “my toto” song - Wanlov

By Michael Klugey
Lydia Forson inspired “my toto” song - Wanlov
Lydia Forson inspired “my toto” song - Wanlov

Controversial Ghanaian musician, Wanlov The Kubolor has finally told fans what brought about his very explicit song “my toto”. 

A song which narrates how a woman bitterly complained about how the Musician pounced her mercilessly during a sexual bout leaving her vagina hurting so badly after an encounter.

Now, according to Wanlov, Lydia Forson is that woman, who made those complaints. The musician was hanging out with the actress and his sister, Deborah Vanessa, at a gathering with some few fans, where he was called to perform the song and he took a brief time to reveal that Miss Forson is actually the inspiration behind the song.

Lydia who was happily looking on replied, saying that “now you know”.

Considering how the two have had good chemistry for some long time now, with how Kubolor is also known as one of the most honest Ghanaian Musicians, who freely speaks his mind, should we take his revelation serious or what do you think?

Watch the video below: 

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