If I'm gay, you've also slept with several women in my presence- Tornado clashes with Afia Schwarzenegger (Audio)

By Mutala Yakubu
Afia Schwarzenegger and Nana Tornado
Afia Schwarzenegger and Nana Tornado

Seems the long-standing relationship between Maverick TV personality Afia Schwarzenegger and her buddy Nana Tornado have come to an end as they two have clashed.

The pair since last Friday have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

According to one-time friend of comedian Afia Schwar, Nana Tornado claims he introduced one Tony guy to Afia when she travelled to the United States for a visit.

Tornado claims the loudmouth comedian barged into the room of this said Tony to steal an expensive gold chain belonging to their common friend.

Knowing Afia Schwar and her penchant for controversy she quickly replied Nana Tornado although this time in a more civilized way than many of her insult hurling brawls she has picked up lately, choosing to laugh off claims that she stole a gold chain by question whether the said Tony even can afford a gold chain.

Tornado went further ahead to denigrate Afia for supposedly damaging his reputation to his friend Tony asking why he will keep a gay like Tornado as a friend.

He in tend accused Afia Schwar of been a lesbian and even experiencing several of her intimacy with lesbian partners.

Listen to audio below