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‘Decide not, till the data supports it! That’s how local industries grow’ by Kwesi Atuahene

By Kwesi Atuahene
Kwesi Atuahene
Kwesi Atuahene
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The goal of every business unit should be to gather data, turn these data into information then use this information as insight to drive the decision of the business.

Ghana has a few shopping malls, popular among these few malls in Ghana include the Accra Mall. Though, I rarely visit shopping malls to purchase anything, my observations always during my random visits, I will see a new shop replacing the space of one that is currently unexisting.

If you closely observe your visit to these Malls scattered around Accra, Kumasi, Tema, Achimota and even other regions, you will certainly observe a shop that might be no longer be existence in the mall.

Another, interesting observation, you might also notice is that, most of these shops folding up are usually local brands.

Someone may argue that, there are more internationally -owned shops in our malls than local brands because the charges of these malls are on the high therefore owners of local brands prefer to conveniently setup themselves up outside the borders of these mall after a few exposures at the mall. Though, this might have an iota of truth, nevertheless, the fact still remains constant, a business unit that is not selling more than its expenditure will surely collapse.

Whether it’s gut instinct, natural charisma, or sheer force of will, most successful sales professionals find themselves relying on at least one innate skill to gain a competitive edge.

However, the ability to predict, observe, or influence customer behavior with any degree of accuracy takes more than sales prowess alone. It requires data. And lots of it. Over the past 20+ years, customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce have helped companies better focus their efforts on those prospects most likely to become customers.

Before deciding just how much time and money your company should invest in big data, it’s important to understand what a data-driven sales strategy is and how it works.

In my next publication, I will help you understand what a data – driven sales strategy is and how it actually can change our music industry, agricultural, service and hospitality business in Ghana.

The writer is a Nestle Trained Data Management analyst.