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'Hon Mustafa Ussif and Prez Kurt Okraku, well done!' by Zak Musbau

By Zak Musbau
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Its been two days after the triumphant victory of the black stars in Abuja.

Unquestionably, lots of the credit must be given to the Black Stars for their resilience and bravery. It was a victory sweet victory over none other but our brothers Nigeria.

Meanwhile, I think it is in order to commend the efforts and inputs of the Sports Minister and his team along with the GFA President and his team.

We can all attest to the baptism of fire they came under following the exit of the Stars in Cameroon. Despite not being the ones who played the game, they suffered a deserving criticism for their actions and inactions. Oh yes, I also raised questions about their actions and like all Ghanaians, was profoundly disappointed.

Indeed Ghana's final World Cup Campaign was greeted with skepticism and faced with some challenges. From the intimidation of South Africa with their toothless petition to the search for a new Coach and the hullabaloo that came with it, then the delayed announcement of the squad and speculations that came with that.

More so was the empty "hunahuna" of the Nigerians coupled with the high expectations of the Ghanaian public. This must have been a very challenging time for them.

Whether right or wrong, convincing or not, their input must be commended. First of all, to rally that support for the stars at Baba Yara was phenomenal.

Then the support in Abuja to ensure we silenced these guys was awesome And we will be unfair not to pat them on the back after achieving this all important objective.

We might still have our reservations about certain things but Hon Mustapha Ussif and Kurt Edwin Okraku must be commended for a good job well done. We can only hope that the redevelopment and restructuring of our football we begin or continue. Let us not suddenly forget our main problems as far as sports development is concerned in this country.

There is still a long way to go but for now, kudos to these leaders. We're proud of you. Ghanaians are grateful.

By Zak Musbau, broadcast journalist