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Opinion: 'South Africa, Nigeria have the highest rate of bullion van robberies in Africa' by Sammy Darko

By PrimeNewsGhana
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Such attacks are rare and or/ has not happened in developed countries such as UK and US in a long while.

In Nigeria and S.A, sophisticated robbers attack proper bullion vans and still kill and make away with cash. In fact, they blow them up.

Bullion vans properly so called are important, but more important is intelligence on criminal enterprises and response time.

The next consideration is about procurement of fit for purpose bullion van- armoires car guard service that is now being trumpeted. This can’t be done out of vacuum.

The bullion van you procure must be directly linked to your gun policy. There is no metal that guns or explosives can’t penetrate. So your Van policy must correspond with your gun policy. It means Accra cannot allow guns into the country that are above and powerful than the vans in use. What’s our gun policy, what’s our Van policy?

As we grow as a nation, so is organized crime. Our security agencies need to improve on intelligence gathering and not physical force and wanton abuse of rights of civil citizens.

This week, I have had the chance to visit at least three police stations including the police headquarters and the treatment of harmless citizens accused of simple offences is so worrying and disturbing.

Such abuse of basic rights is unacceptable. What is acceptable is when the security agencies apply such energy into gathering of intelligence and foiling organized crime in the country.
Sammy Darko is a Lawyer, Security Analyst & Journalist.