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Accra to Kumasi now 120ghc - VIP JEOUN announce 20% increment

By Ruth Esi Amfua Sekyi
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Management of VIP JEOUN Transport Service have increased the Accra to Kumasi fare by 20%.

A ticket will now be selling at GH¢120 from Monday, November 7, 2022 instead of the GH¢100 that it sold in the last two weeks and GH¢80 that it sold three weeks ago.

The VIP JEOUN Transport Service, made up of private individual bus owners who have come together under the brand name VIP Jeoun on October 24, 2022 announced a fare adjustments by 20% citing the rising cost of fuel and spare parts.

But even before the new prices sink in, customers have now been slapped with another 20% increment for the same Accra to Kumasi.

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 Diesel abovGH¢23

The price of diesel shot up last week to GH¢23.49 per litre, according to latest prices advertised by TotalEnergies at the pumps, an increment of almost 40% overnight.

Petrol is selling at GH¢17.99 per litre, while Kerosene is selling at GH¢14.70.

The new prices took effect from Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

President Akufo-Addo on Sunday, October 30 said his administration is working on bringing affordable petroleum to the country to stem the tide of fuel price hikes at the pumps, which, in turn, impacts the prices of almost every commercial activity.

“I know that the increasing cost of living is the number one concern for all of us. It is driven by fast-escalating fuel prices at the pumps, which is caused by high crude oil prices on the world market and our depreciated currency. I know that this is putting intolerable pressure on families and businesses. I know that people are being driven to make choices they should not have to make, and I know that it has led to the devaluation of capital of traders and painfully accumulated savings."