End of term exams : GES directs headteachers to write questions on chalkboards

By Wendy Amarteifio
End of term exams : GES charges headteachers to write questions on chalkboards

The Ghana Education Service, GES has directed public school headteachers across the country to write 2019 third term examination questions on chalkboards.

The GES, therefore, asked teachers to desist from collecting money from pupils for the printing of examination questions.

In April this year (2019) teachers wrote exam questions on chalkboards following government’s delay in releasing Capitation Grants for the 2018/19 academic year.

The move was criticised by a section of the public on social media but the GES in a statement said teachers are free to repeat the practice.

The situation according to teachers has slowed academic activities as until recently, question papers were printed for all exams, including those who are being prepared for the final examination.

Formerly, pupils were charged a fee for printing of questions which was convenient for both teachers and pupils. But the GES has this year directed that no fee be charged as part of enforcing the free education policy at the basic level. Following this directive, teachers have been forced to write the 2018/19 third term examination on chalkboards.

In a statement issued by the GES, teachers and head teachers who have taken monies from parents to conduct end of term exams to return them with immediate effect.

Below are excerpts of the statement by the Ghana Education Service,

1.No penny should be collected from any Pupil or Parent as fees for the various set of Examinations.

2. Headteachers are at liberty to write Examination Questions on the Chalkboard.

3. Headteachers who have contracted Examination Consortiums should as a matter of urgency abrogate those contracts.

4. Monies collected from Pupils and Parents towards the writing of this term’s Exams should be returned to them with immediate effect. The Examination Units of GES across the country are to ensure that the monies reach Parents and report to the District Directors of Education.

5. The Examination Units of the various Districts should monitor the End of Year Examinations and report outcomes to their respective Directors of Education.