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Ghana Bauxite Company reopened, 600 asked to reapply

By Wendy Amarteifio
Ghana Bauxite Company reopened,600 sacked bauxite workers to reapply
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The 600 Ghana Bauxite workers who were sacked have been asked to reapply following the reopening of the firm which was shut down last month.

The company was shut down indefinitely after workers burnt down company properties including the administrative office, cars, HR's bungalow in protest of better working conditions.

Before the reapply of the sacked workers, the Construction and Building Materials Workers Union called for sacked workers of the Ghana Bauxite Company in the Western Region to be reinstated.

According to the Union, keeping the company closed after the workers’ recent protest will cause more harm to the country than good.

The Regional Industrial Relations Officer for the Central and Western Regions of the Union, Richard Asamoah Mensah, commenting on the development said:

“Looking at the vandalism that took place, it’s not good. One can also see that we have about 200 trucks there now with these trucks being parked without any work going on. It’s going to cause more harm to the nation as a whole…Poverty will also be (at its peak) in that town and social vices will go up.”

“We are saying that they’ve gone on an illegal strike per Act 168, but now we are saying open up because it isn’t all the workers who were involved into this because we can clearly see from the grounds that (its) just a few,” he added.

Meanwhile, Speaking to Starr FM, a worker who spoke on condition of anonymity from the company said :

''The reapply was within this week but the production and everything started last week. Lately, all the 600 workers have been asked to reapply. For now, people are dispersed and the few around are reapplying.''