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Ghana should be ready to call off election 2020 if the need be - Dr Amuasi

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Dr John Amuasi
Dr John Amuasi
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A lecturer at the Global Health Department of the School of Public Health, KNUST Dr John Amuasi says Ghana should be ready to call off the 2020 general elections if the need be.

Dr John Amuasi said preparations for the election can still go on but the Covid-19 incident rate and other indicators must be measured before the final decision to hold the elections.

Speaking on Joy FM's 'Newsfile', Dr Amuasi said other big events in the world has been cancelled so it should not be an issue to call off the election if all indicators show that we cannot go ahead with it.

"We are going on ahead with election and guidelines which are things we are already practising. Are we willing that as we measure towards December and let's say by October and we realised that things are not going very well and therefore if we should have an election or have people gathering for an election there is going to be a challenge, will we be able to say we are planning towards election but looking at the numbers at this time we had to turn back?"

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"I realised it is very complicated because we plan for elections and there are a lot of things you need to put in place way ahead. Even if the Olympics could be called off I'm sure we can do this because the evidence was so clear and you saw how Japan had to hold on to the last minute to have its election but the number was clear that this was not possible."

He is, therefore, encouraging authorities to go ahead with the election plans but should be ready to call it off. 

"I will encourage that yes we can go ahead and start planning but also be measuring and put it out there that if we measure and we get to A or B this will be what we will do including the options of pulling it off the table if really there is the need to do so..."

Dr John Amuasi stated that he is expecting more recovering from the virus in the coming days.