Heavily drunk police officer displays AK47 in 'trotro'

By Clement Edward Kumsah

A heavily drunk police officer with his AK47 rifle was spotted in a public transport (trotro) displaying the gun posing danger to the passengers on board.

The 'trotro' was en route to Madina from Accra Central area on June 26, 2018, and the video was captured when the 'trotro' got to the Afrikiko traffic light, near the Jubilee House on the Accra-37 main road.

Because the police officer was heavily drunk, his way of handling his AK47 rifle was posing danger to other passengers on board the 'trotro'.

No one knew where the police officer was going, but passengers suspect he was going to the police depot at 37 area.

The officer was heard in a loud voice in twi saying, "me ne obiaa nni asem", to wit, 'I have no case with anyone'. This was after the conductor or driver's assistant (mate) signalled him to pay the lorry fare.

The loud radio commentary of a football match in the ongoing World Cup in Russia in the trotro at that moment did not submerge the loud comments such as "maye free koraa", to wit, 'I am free'.

He was heard saying, "se mede raffle no ko ma no a, enoa aa nono, me wie aa, mafa me car, na me ko me fie", to wit, 'if I present the raffle to him, that is all. I will pick a car and go home'.

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