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Alleged Jubilee House takeover : High Court denies ACP Agordzor bail

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
ACP Agordzor
ACP Agordzor
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Accra High Court has denied bail to ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor who is standing trial for his alleged involvement in the plot to destabilise the country.

According to the court, the application is premature due to the fact that investigations are still ongoing.

The Judge, George Buadi also said the position of the applicant could allow him to influence ongoing investigations, the ruling follows applications by lawyers for ACP Agordzor who argued that per law their client is entitled to bail.

ACP Agordzor has been charged with abetment to commit crime namely treason felony and is currently on remand in police custody.

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ACP Agordzor's lawyers at his appearance at the district court last week challenged the jurisdiction of the court to hear the case in a bid to have their client freed but failed as the court ruled that it was clothed with jurisdiction to hear the matter.

The High Court last week also dismissed a bail application by the seven accused persons facing trial for their alleged plot to topple the government.

Justice George Buadi who is the judge said none of the accused persons had been detained beyond two months and their arrest and detention are not arbitrary or unlawful.

He further added that the accused persons have the capacity to interfere with investigations if released.

The Judge cited an example of how Junior Officers managed to stage a coup in the country.

The nine persons, three civilians, and six military personnel are facing charges of treason felony and conspiracy to commit treason felony.

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The court last week ordered Dr Agordzo to desist from granting media interviews henceforth.

ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzor speaking after his first court appearance denied his involvement in an alleged plot to destabilised the state and stated that he is being victimised.

"The charges are frivolous, I'm as strong as anything. I have not committed any crime, I've done nothing wrong, the President called on us to be citizens so when I express my opinion on a WhatsApp platform unrelated to any alleged coup nobody should bog me down, and I will stand for this to the end, they cannot break me down at all..."