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Alleged Jubilee House takeover : BNI punishing ACP Agordzor, sideshows totally unnecessary - Kofi Bentil 

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
ACP Agordzor
ACP Agordzor
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Senior Vice President of IMANI Africa, Kofi Bentil says the Bureau of National Investigation is just punishing ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor who is facing charges of treason.

According to him, there was no need to detain ACP Agordzor and also be reluctant in granting him access to his lawyers and family.

Expressing his views on the arrest and detention of the top police officer, Kofi Bentil said there is a lacuna in some of the laws of the land and the security agencies are taking advantage of it.

He questioned the jurisdiction of the court being able to remand him but not able to grant him bail as sought by his lawyers.

In his opinion, he believes the sideshows being put up by the BNI is not healthy for the case, he further noted that ACP Agordzor should have been handed over to the IGP for him to be appearing in court while they all prepare their case if the state knows they have a solid case against him.

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*There is this issue about the police misconduct, now I don't blame the police per se but in the process of nation-building we identify things that we fix, the police looks across the law and they take advantage of the laws and this is a new one that we have identified and we must deal with it, the concept of competent jurisdiction suggests that courts may have jurisdiction but not competence, it also suggests that a court may have competence but not jurisdiction, it suggests to me that when the two goes together, competent and jurisdiction, you must have that because equity demands balance, if the court can convict you the same court should be able to acquit you, so a court that can remand you must be the court that can give you bail, that clearly is a lacuna in our law we should deal with it. On the issue of ACP Agordzor the charges are serious let's not forget about that and we've all been educated that it doesn't take too much to do coup in this country, ........the process they've used so far has not been the best and the treatment of Agordzor is bad, when you have a real case against somebody don't mess around the issue and punish him unnecessarily, deal with the matter, today they clearly seem to be punishing him to what end, you are actually raising sympathy for him...." he said on Joy FM.

ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor was remanded into police custody by the Kaneshie district court and will be kept at the ministries police station.

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This was after his charge of Abetment to Commit Crime; namely, Treason Felony contrary to section 20(1) and 182 (b) of the Criminal and Other Offences Act 1960 (Act 29) were read to him.

Lawyer for the Police Officer Martin Kpebu told the court his client was uncomfortable at the BNI custody and preferred being detained instead at the Nima Police station but the court refused the request.

The court also ordered Dr Agordzo to desist from granting media interviews henceforth.

His lawyer also told the court his client was unwell and wanted to be close to the Police hospital where he could receive swift medical attention if need be.

Police Prosecutors led by ASP Sylvester Asare said the State is not opposed to the demand for the rights and liberties of the suspect to be respected.

The case has been adjourned to November 20.