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Kpone-Katamanso: Residents rendered homeless after demolition exercise at Santeo

By Vincent Ashitey
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 An overnight demolition in Santeo Jordan, in the Kpone-Katamanso District in the Greater Accra region, has left hundreds of residents homeless.

Report indicates that the estate developer behind the demolition claims ownership of the land, which spans over 10 acres.

This has left the community, including mothers and children, in a dire situation.

Residents said they have been living on the land for almost a decade and are struggling to come to terms with the sudden destruction.

One resident, whose property had been flattened, expressed his refusal to relocate.

According to him, he was promised 50 bags of cement and blocks to rebuild elsewhere, but he refused the offer.

“They came with 50 bags of cement and blocks for me to quit but I said No…I will maintain [my house] here…I started building this house in 2009 and I was building it small, small and I only finished it in 2018. I will go nowhere, I will be here till they kill me and my family,” the devastated resident known as Benjamin said.

The impact of the demolition has brought immense hardship to the community. People are left without shelter and minimal support, leading to uncertainty and despair.