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Let's rise above partisanship in Covid-19 fight - Mahama

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
John Mahama
John Mahama
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The flagbearer for the NDC and a former President, John Mahama has called on Ghanaians to rise above partisanship and politics in the fight against Covid-19.

According to John Mahama, the pandemic is an enemy to all and everyone must work to prevent the spread of it.

"This virus is an enemy to all Ghanaians and the call to fight against it rises above partisanship and politic," he said in the Facebook address to Ghanaians.

Also on steps being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19, John Mahama said PPEs must be provided for the health workers to prevent them from being infected with the virus. 

He also salutes the frontline workers for their dedication and commitment to make sure those infected are safe and also all Ghanaians get the needed medical attention.

John Mahama also asked the government to provide incentives for health professionals to boost their morale in the execution of their jobs.

As per a precautionary way to deal with the virus, former President Mahama advised for isolation centres to be established at all regions to prevent people from being sent from other regions to Accra for a check-up.

He stated that the regional isolations centres have become necessary because some of the cases have been recorded outside Accra like the case of the Obuasi Mines worker.

Former gov't officials ready to help fight Covid-19 - Mahama

John Mahama said former appointees during his tenure are ready to help the government in its fight to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Speaking on the Covid-19 outbreak and the confirmed cases in Ghana, John Mahama said appointees of his administration who assisted in the country's readiness effort during the ebola crisis will be available to assist if being called upon.

"Former appointees who assisted in our readiness effort during the ebola crisis will assist the government in any way they can if requested to do so.."

In a Facebook address, John Mahama also called on ECOWAS and the UN to put in place enforceable protocols in dealing with the pandemic.