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Limit flights from countries that have recorded high cases of Coronavirus – Health Students to gov't

By Wendy Amarteifio
Limit flights from countries that have recorded high cases of Coronavirus – Health Students to gov't
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The National Health Students Association of Ghana is entreating the government to place under strict scrutiny and control, flights coming from Coronavirus prone countries.

The concern of the Association is that Ghana stands a greater risk of contracting the virus should the country not put restrictions on the arrival of people from hardest-hit Coronavirus countries.

At the moment, China, where the virus began, has recorded the highest number of cases and deaths though the rate of increase of the infection has slowed down.

Italy has the highest number of cases and deaths reported and have been compelled to implement a ban on public gathering in some cities, including cancelling football matches and preventing church gatherings.

Expressing the position of NAHSAG at this year’s General Assembly meeting of health students across the country, Moses Bondong, President of the Association noted the issue has become a global health concern and countries are taking proactive steps to protect their citizens.

In addition, Moses Bondong called for intensified public education in various local dialects to ensure that knowledge on causes, treatment, symptoms and preventive measures is spread and acquired nationwide.

“As at this morning, the statistics show 85,080 confirmed cases and 2,919 reported cases all over the world, therefore, Moses N. Bondong, NAHSAG President calls on government to restrict flights from high prone zones and intensify the public education in the local dialects,” NAHSAG President urged.

NAHSAG also used the opportunity to remind government of its commitment to ensuring the safety of Ghanaians in China, particularly, students in Wuhan, Hubei Province, where the outbreak started.

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Despite conceding that bringing the students here may not be the best idea because Ghana does not have adequate resources and capacity to deal with the situation, NAHSAG tasked government to ensure that its emergency plans are robust and efficient when triggered.

The President recounted, “In our press statement on 7th February with respect to this global concern, we at NAHSAG stated categorically after our checks and research that it is best our students in the Wuhan province and China at large be relocated to a much more safe place in China under the monitoring and supervision of the Ghanaian embassy in China.”

“We also stated that aide in terms of basic needs be sent to them by the government of Ghana whiles we prepare proper evacuation strategies, security and quarantine systems and also get our health facilities in readiness in case we are compelled to the highest point to bring our students back home or even in the worst case when we happen to record cases of the virus.”

“This is because we believe that Ghana does not have what it takes per international standards to battle the virus now,” he added.

So far, Senegal and Nigeria are the only countries to have recorded the Coronavirus after persons coming from Europe harboured the virus.