Nima, Maamobi will be the new "Villagio" in Accra - Atta Akyea

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Nima & Villagio
Nima & Villagio

Residents of Nima and Maamobi in Accra will soon see a facelift of their communities as the government intend to redevelop the areas into a world-class residential enclave.

According to the Works and Housing Minister, Samuel Atta Akyea the redevelopment of the slum (Nima and Maamobi) will give meaning and beauty to the President’s vision of Inner City and Zongo Development.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, Samuel Atta Akyea said to achieve government vision his ministry “is collaborating with the Lands and Zongo Development Ministries to turn the approximately 1,039 acres of prime land into a world-class residential enclave.”

“We are aware that the people of Nima have their own homes. We are not going to dislodge them. We are going to build executive flats and housing arrangement for them and they will move in free of charge.

“The residents can now sell their Villagio structures to cancel out the cost. This is what we are trying to do but they will live in the modern structures free of charge. But, they will own it because we took the slum and we used the land for benefit. So they will have it for free of charge. That is how to go”, he noted.

Ghana’s housing deficit is currently assessed as well over two million and whereas the annual housing requirement is about 250,000 units, supply figures are about 45,000 units per annum, holding all factors constant.

In view of this, the government says it is embarking on a housing programme aimed at facilitating the construction of 250,000 housing units yearly over the next eight years, through Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Explaining government’s Revised Redevelopment Scheme, the Minister said, “the philosophy underlying the concept of replacing slum building with modern houses, on the same plots of land is to substantially improve the physical environment at virtually no additional infrastructural cost.”

He added that it is also intended to reduce government expenditure on infrastructure and services to developing areas.

“The size of the parcel of land to be developed by the investor for government will be determined and that for the investor also determined.


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