NPA, BOST, ECG and four others face prosecution

By Maame Aba Afful
Seven agencies indicted for causing the state to lose huge sums of money

Seven public agencies who have been found to have acted contrary to the Procurement Act are to face prosecution in the law courts over certain procurement breaches which lead to the state losing huge sums of money.

The agencies are the National Petroleum Authority, Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Limited, National Communications Authority, Ghana Airports Company Limited, Ghana Water Company Limited and the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Head of Corporate Affairs and Administration at the Public Procurement Authority, Rhoda Appiah explained the impending prosecution follows the completion of an investigation into the circumstances under which the state lost huge sums of money through procurements made by the stated agencies.

She added the checking of procurement abuses over the last eight months had started producing some positive results, including saving the nation over GHC100 million.

This amount, she explained, would have ended up in the pockets of some unprincipled persons if the PPA had not put in place strict measures.

“We have saved over 100 million Ghana cedis just within the last eight months all because we are able to see through the contracts that are brought; we know how padded they are. So contracts that would have gone for a 100 million cedis, we see that they are now going for 50 million or something lesser just because some due diligence is going on now,” she stressed.

She revealed that the reports and findings will be forwarded to EOCO for prosecution.

She further explained that amidst the dubious deals being done by officials of the agencies, the PPP used to think the challenges were as a result of capacity issues and thus decided to train responsible officers, however, they have now come to the realization that some unscrupulous officials were deliberately perpetrating crimes against the state. Ghana News