#Number 12: Here's a detailed summary of Anas' video

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#Number 12: Here's a detailed summary of Anas' video
#Number 12: Here's a detailed summary of Anas' video

The much-anticipated 'Number 12' exposé by Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas which captures corruption in Ghana Football was premiered at the AICC, on Wednesday June 7.

Here's a summary of the entire 90 minute 'Number 12' video:

The video covers several referees collecting bribes from people to influence matches.

They collect bribes in their hotels to help teams win and sometimes give cards to players.

Referees like Adade, Suka, Sarkodie etc are all culprits. This runs from first division to Women football to the main Premier League. Some of the referees even took sheep and goat as bribes.

*The referee appointment committee members are also culprits. They were collecting bribes to appoint corrupt referees for some matches so they can win.

*Staff from National Sports Authority were seen in the video collecting bribes so they can convince the National Teach coach to call up players for the Black Stars. Some of them were also seen involving in visa racketeering and fraud.

* Some big men in GFA like Blue Blue, Madam Leaner Addey (Head of Women Football) Awal (RFA Chairman-Eastern Region) etc are all captured in the video collecting bribes.

*The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Football Association-Sanni Daara was seen collecting a bribe of Ghc4000 to help convince the Black Stars coach to call up a player. The player in question is the former captain of Accra Hearts of Oak –Thomas Abbey.

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The Kwesi Nyantakyi Saga (President of Ghana Football Association)

Kwesi Nyantakyi’s appearance in the video was in two parts.

1. The Football angle

2. Political Angle

The Football Angle

The right hand man of Kwesi Nyantakyi named ‘Abu’, a 31year old Regional Football Association Chairman –Northern region was approached to organize a meeting with Kwesi Nyantakyi for some investors.

The meeting was held where the investors promised to sponsor the premier league with $15,000,000.

Kwesi Nyantakyi was busily trying to convince the investors that the sponsorship should come through his private company so that he will receive 15% of the amount.

Kwesi Nyantakyi has several private companies that serve as agents anytime contracts are being brought to the GFA. He does these with Abu, his right hand man. This explains why most of the contents of GFA contracts are kept confidential.

The Political Angle

Kwesi Nyantakyi was convinced by the Tiger Eye investor to have a lot of money and was determined to convince them to do other businesses beyond football. That was when he shot himself on the foot and killed his career.

Kwesi Nyantakyi really bragged in the video and said the following to the investor:

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• Anthony Karbo (Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways) is his brother and small boy and he helped him to win his elections

• He has access to every important person in Ghana and can connect to everyone. They need to bribe the President, Vice President, Minister and Karbo with millions of dollars. If they can do that, they will get contracts the same day. According to him, $5million for President, $3million for Vice, $2million for Minister, 1 million for himself and Karbo.

• He listed all upcoming projects in the ministry of roads and other places and gave detailed information about yet to commence government projects

• He said Nana Addo needs money because he sold most of his properties to win election so he needs to recover

• He added that the President’s family is angry and are pressurizing him to get money for them.

• He alleged that he is a financier of NPP, once the investors pay the 12 million dollars, all their needed contracts will be awarded.

• Kwesi Nyantakyi admitted to have a micro finance company where the money can be paid

• He laughed at the NDC contractors that their monies will rot since they will get no payment.

• Kwesi Nyantakyi alleged that he has control over the whole country and can go to any official who matters.

• The investor gave him $65,000 cash and he counted it and put in a black polythene bag. After collecting the money, he pleaded with the investor to make him his brother.

• Kwesi Nyantakyi knew so much detail about the government that he even knew when the President travelled, his hotel name and the room number

• Kwesi Nyantakyi drafted a 17 page contract in just one or two hours.

Is Kennedy Agyapong in the Video?

The answer is NO. Ken is not in the video but he was mentioned in the video. In the normal ranting of Kwesi Nyantakyi, he alleged that Karbo advised him to involve Kennedy Agyapong in the deal since he is very influential.

As one of the major sponsors of NPP, his involvement will help influence President and Vice to award the contract to the investors.

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