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Nungua shooting: Police cooked-up robbery story- Brother of deceased speaks

By Wendy Amarteifio
Nungua shooting: Police cooked-up robbery story- Brother of deceased speaks

Gameli Akuinor who is the brother of late Divine who was shot dead at Nungua by the police says the police cooked up a story concerning the shooting incident which occurred on January 5 2019.

The Ghana Police Service defended their actions as they say Devine had robbed one lady of her iPhone.

According to the brother of the deceased, he described the action of the police as unfair.

He says the Police wrongly killed his brother and they should have made a thorough investigation of the alleged iPhone snatching incident.

Gameli Akuinor in an exclusive interview with PrimeNewsGhana narrated the incident to us.

According to Gameli,''This whole issue is a cooked up story, on 5th January 2019, between 1 am and 1.30 am, Divine was mistakenly shot dead..Around 11 pm on the 4th of January, I was with him. The following day 5th of January I received a message from my sister asking me of his whereabout and I told her Divine wasn't with me''.

''In the evening at 8.30pm, my mother called me to ask of his whereabout, I told her I haven't seen him but he will return home. I actually went home to verify for myself if he wasn't there (January 6 2019). I didn't find him so I decided to call his friends to ask of his whereabout''.

''We (myself, uncle and father) proceeded to the Grader Police Station to report to the matter. At the station, we met one police officer Christine Manu whom we reported Divine's disappearance.

Manu said through a police intercom she got to know that two boys snatched the bag of a lady around 5th January at 1 am and that the two boys shot the police and the police shot back''.

According to Gameli, Christine Manu at Grader Police Station was probing them just to calm their nerves down.

The family of the deceased proceeded to the Nungua Police Station to seek more information about what they acquired at Grader Police Station.

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"We went to the Operational Divisional police and we told him we looking for one Divine, one officer at the counter showed us pictures of the incident and I recognized my brother, Divine was shot dead and lying in a pool of blood. Upon seeing this we left to the police hospital mortuary and confirmed it . Before confirmation the mortuary man demanded gh100 from me, I didn't have enough money and promised to cash money for him afterwards, I decided to handover Gh20 to him but he refused. A friend of Divine joined us at the mortuary and gave him gh50 , he refused again and he finally gave gh100.

He added that ''I went into the place and looked for my brother myself, I saw him beneath a dead body, meaning he was hidden, my brother is not an armed robber''.

He indicated that residents in the area overheard the police firing their guns . One resident whom Divine was killed behind his window said he was shot once while the other guy was shot three times. This ended up in the death of Devine. On the arrival of the police at the spot at where the incident happened, they arrested the wounded guy and two others whom he called to help him''.

He concluded that "I think the police and the lady whose iPhone was allegedly stolen made a mistake in identifying my brother as a robber ''.

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