VIDEO: Obinim jabs critics of his used pantie spiritual direction

By Clement Edward Kumsah

Bishop Obinim has jabbed his critics of his used pantie and brazier spiritual direction he asked his church members to come along with a few days ago.

The General Overseer of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim during one of his services asked his congregation to bring their used underwear to the Tema branch, to be burnt to end their sorrows.

The ‘spiritual direction’ by the maverick Bishop received a lot of backlash from Ghanaians especially on social media alleging the direction is for the Bishop ‘personal agenda’ which is far from what church members were told.

However, Obinim has in a video defended the act and hurled insults at critics. According to him, anyone who questions the directive is not only a fool but a primitive.

“Fools! If the basis of your criticism is that it is not stipulated in the Bible, why are you using a mobile phone? Is mobile phone in the Bible?” he yelled.

“Fools, you won’t humble yourself so Jesus Christ blesses you. Before you question if what I do is in the Bible, ask yourself if the things you are using today are in the Bible”

“If we want to always do things that are only written in the Bible, then Jesus walked all the time, so stop using your car and walk always as well. Fool!” he fumed.

Obinim noted that the criticisms have annoyed him to the extent that he will soon repeat the action. News