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Pharmaceutical companies halt supply of drugs to hospitals over delayed NHIS payments

By Mutala Yakubu
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The Chamber of Pharmacy, Ghana (CoPG) has halted the supply of drugs to hospitals over the delayed NHIS payments.

CoPG in a statement announce the decision and said it will request payment guarantees before supplying any more medicines to hospitals that require their services.

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“Chamber Members shall henceforth request the hospitals to provide payment guarantee before medicines could be supplied to them. This is the only way to sustain our individual companies. Health facilities owing more than three months shall no more enjoy any credit facilities from our members”, the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Chamber is pleading with the government to return to the decentralised procurement process through national competitive tenders.

“We call on government as a matter of urgency to ensure adherence to the NHI Act on reimbursements to service providers. The Chamber of Pharmacy, Ghana also wishes to immediately call for the review of the current Ministry of Health framework contract and revert to the decentralized procurement system by the Regional Health Directorates and Teaching hospitals, through national competitive tenders.”

It has, however, expressed its commitment to provide quality and easy access to medicines at affordable prices for effective and improved health delivery.

“The Chamber will like to remind the government and all stakeholders that, we will ensure that good-quality health commodities are available, accessible, and affordable to all people living in Ghana and anchored by a sustainable, reliable, responsive, efficient, and well-coordinated supply chain.”