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Police must name and shame officers 'planting narcotics' to implicate citizens - Fmr. Police Commander

By Wendy Amarteifio
Police Officers
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A former Commander of the Formed Police Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Naa Hamza Yakubu has called on the IGP James Oppong Boanuh to name and shame police officers who are found culpable of planting narcotic substances in the cars of citizens.

According to him, this will also eradicate the unprofessional conduct demonstrated by some police officers in their line of duty.

His comments follow a memorandum from the police headquarters to the various commands that some officers on highway patrol duties deliberately plant 'weed' in vehicles of civilians so they can turn around to arrest them. Excerpts of the statement read:

''Reports reaching this headquarters indicate that some personnel deployed on motto traffic duties and highway patrol checks have cultivated the habit of planting narcotics substances in the vehicles of individuals and turn around to arrest them on the charges of possession of narcotics''.

''This situation is not only embarassing to the police administration but unprofessional on the part of officers involved in the practice.For avoidance of doubt and to stem the practice in the bud , Inspector General of Police directs henceforth all such patrol unit should be led by an SPO who shall held accountable for any such unprofessional conduct''.

Speaking to Starr FM, today October 17, 2019, an ex-police officer of the Ghana Police Service, Mr Hamza confirmed cases of police officers planting narcotics in vehicles of citizens and framing them up.

''That is true, some do this when they are contracted by people who want to get back at their competitors.

They are able to get some unscrupulous police officers to engage in such acts. They plant nacotics at the premises of people and turn round to arrest them''.

He further stated that: ''It's good the IGP is putting in some checks but there need to be a balancing, you put in a team to monitor such practices when you get them let everyone see them, let the public know that these people have been found engaging in that act. The matter must be investigated and by the end of day when they are found to be guilty, send them to court and let the whole world know''.

The development comes days after the IGP ordered that senior police officers should lead operations and patrols in the various communities.

The move is intended to curb the misconduct of the officers on the roads and society.

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